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Practice Areas

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Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Cheng & Associates is a litigation firm representing its clients in various litigation matters. The Law Offices of Cheng & Associates deals with its clients with professionalism, trustworthiness, and effectiveness as its primary concern. Our firm provides legal services for individuals and businesses in selected areas of law, including:

Civil Litigation
General Litigation
Business Litigation /Disputes
Bank Lawsuits
Real Estate

Real estate litigation
Construction litigation
Foreclosure litigation

Chapter 7
Chapter 13
Chapter 11
Debt Relief

Investment Based
Removal Proceedings

Personal Injury
Car Accidents
Serious Personal Injury


Above all else, our firm's primary focus is on client satisfaction. Our attorneys take the time to know our clients. We encourage our attorneys to know not only  our clients' legal issues relevant to the case, but also the personal and other issues that our clients face as well. This approach leads our firm to gathering a very loyal and satisfied client base, and has the added benefit of our attorneys taking a personal stake in each client's case.