Civil Litigation

The Law Offices of Cheng & Associates help seek appropriate remedies for civil litigation, which include a wide range of non-criminal acts. Whether you or your company has been sued, or if feel that there has been a breach of duty by an individual, group, or company, we will pursue various civil litigation matters for you. 

General Civil Litigation

If you, or your company or small business have been sued, or have claims or against defending parties, we can help defend and pursue your claims for you or your company.     

Business Litigation

Our firm helps business owners with breach of contract disputes, commercial collections, partnership disputes, and general Business litigation.     

Real Estate Litigation     

Our real estate services include Real Estate Litigation, Defect Litigation, Real Estate Sales and Purchases, Drafting Lease and Rental Agreements, and Construction Litigation.     

Arbitration and Mediation       

We can represent you or your business in arbitration and mediation proceedings with other individuals or businesses.